We all know, the older we get, the more our bodies muscular system begins to shut down.  Especially when you turn 30. 3o is such a prime age in the lives of  many Americans because they think that they are getting “old.”  At the age of 30, that is when your muscles begin to shrink.  A lot of people don’t realize that if you start lifting and staying fit, it is a lot easier for your body to stay fit.  If you wait until the last minute to begin getting fit, it will not be as effective if it’s an ongoing practice.  In order to stay fit as you get older, you should stay active and eat foods that are healthful.  Stay fit.


Since obesity has become something more like an epidemic throughout the world, more and more educational facilities are using work out areas to attract students to their school.  Students seem to be more satisfied when they have places like the gym to relieve their stress levels and it also allows them college students to make physical activity a relatively large part of their life so they will not gain weight.  A lot of colleges are using their physical arenas as a recruiting tool to show students that exercising is important and it should be made as a very important part throughout their week no matter how busy that they become.  It’s important to stay healthy and colleges are starting to take a stance in this movement towards being healthy.

As we all see depictions through the media and other sources, people create their body image around what they believe is being portrayed.  These insecurities that are made, then can cause some of those people to go into a state of depression which is definitely not good for anyone.  The perception of your body should not deter you from being happy and causing you to see yourself as you are, beautiful.  Studies have shown that when you exercise, it is just as the use of antidepressants which help you feel better about yourself and not to be in a depressive state.  At the end of the day would you rather be happy or would you rather walk around feeling bad about yourself? I think we would all choose to be happy on any day!  So choose to be depression free and exercise.

Get Up and Dance!

In order for you to exercise, you should be having fun when doing so.  There are multiple exercising programs that are out there that would allow you to have fun while getting in shape.  Even though most of the exercising programs are geared more toward women, men can also participate.  This exercise program that I am referring to is Zumba.  According to the article, “Women blend cardio exercise, dance,” Zumba is a Latin-inspired fusion of exercise and fun.  Zumba blends international music and international music and easy to follow steps with cardio and interval training.  So when it comes to exercising, just get up and dance!


Why Exercise?

Why exercise you may ask? When it comes to exercising, there are often those people who say that they do not have enough time in their schedule.  People say, becoming a more healthful person is on their to do list and they want to exercise more, but how many of them actually make an attempt to do so?  Exercising is very important for many reasons including reducing the likelihood of obesity which is a major problem in the United States.  It also reduces the chance of other health ailments including heart disease, diabetes, and other deadly ailments.  Exercise can be beneficial in many ways, it’s really not about how skinny you can be, it’s more about being healthful.

By: Tanea Jackson

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Fall Forward

By: Tanea Jackson

Fall has come and the weather has changed.  It’s time to fall forward into a new season.